Clojure on Pedestal

Yesterday I gave a two-hour talk at Lambda Lounge Kraków on Pedestal (and some ClojureScript).

I talked only about the client side, and in that mostly about the dataflow engine and how it connects to rendering and services. We also had some unplanned discussion on testing.

Most of the talk was actually a tutorial, developing a basic monitoring application in a few steps. It probably doesn’t add much over the tutorial, but hopefully it was a faster introduction.

If you’re interested in resources:

Now that I’m on the Internet, I guess I have to explain myself. Yes, I am aware that there are better ways than that jQuery, that I could have created a library for time series, and that it would not run after advanced Closure compilation. It’s not even a perfect Pedestal app. But I think it did the job of explaining the concepts behind Pedestal without drowning the audience in details, using basic pieces that everyone was familiar with. Let’s say that I left ironing out the wrinkles as an exercise.

Despite my lack of experience from my point of view it went fairly well. Always an interesting experience. If you’ve been there, feel free to tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Clojure on Pedestal

  1. I just saw the presentation from Brenton Ashworth about pedestal . I never have used pedestal, but Brenton does mention that pedestal was written without core.async and now it will have core.async incorporated. Do you know if it will significantly change pedestal from the perspective of a programmer using pedestal.

  2. Arturo –

    indeed, from what Brenton said Pedestal is being rewritten to take advantage of core async. I don’t know where that will end, all I know is what Brenton said in that Strange Loop talk. If you’re interested, I’d recommend asking at the Pedestal gooogle group:!forum/pedestal-users.

    There is one topic there that seems to touch on it:!searchin/pedestal-users/core$20async/pedestal-users/HUXiF9wPbio/o1wiAn3G5SwJ

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