Monthly Archives: January 2011

33rd Degree Conference

This April I’m going to attend the first eddition of the 33rd Degree Conference in Krak√≥w. Not only does it have an exceptional theme (check out the web page!), but also has attracted several interesting speakers.

For some reason I am most interested in the non-Java talks and workshops given by Neal Ford (The Productive Programmer, Functional Thinking (hey, Clojure!) and Abstraction Distractions) and Linda Rising (Deception and Estimation). If there was a “Productivity and Psychology for Developers” conference, I would be the first to sign up for it.

Then there is a promising talk by Michael Nygard on scalability, as well as two sessions by Matthew McCullough on Git and Hadoop (both high on my to-learn list). Last but not least, a whole lot of more or less predictable talks on Java (mostly but not only EE).

I wish there was more Clojure and less Groovy on the schedule. Maybe next year. Anyway, the agenda is packed with interesting events and I expect it to be three very interesting and productive days.