Monthly Archives: December 2010 Clojure basics distilled

Kyle Cordes has put up a new site dedicated to Clojure: As you can read in it’s FAQ, it is an attempt to consolidate just the most useful introductory material in one place, presented in a way that aims to help new or prospective Clojure developers.

At this moment that means basic information on what Clojure is, as well as many useful references to tutorials, videos and books. Clearly it’s not meant to compete with or Nor is it another tutorial or a garbled list of everything and nothing. It’s merely a clean, concise, nicely-organized gateway to the Clojure world.

This is very important, because while Clojure is rapidly gaining popularity (some are dubbing it “the next big thing” after OOP), it may be pretty discouraging at the beginning. In this world of enthusiastic magicians, crude immature frameworks and sparse documentation, by no means has finding my way been easy. Let alone answering the fundamental questions of “why?”, “what?” and “how?” That was an empty niche, and it’s great that Kyle made an effort and organized this together.

Unfortunately, apart from the Community section (not much going on in Poland) it does not provide much information to people who already are familiar with the basics. I’d love to see such a nice list on more concrete subjects like: “What are my options for building a web app?”, “How can I access the database?”, “How do I integrate it with JEE?” As well as a showcase of successful, inspiring (and mature) applications like Incanter or Ring. But that is yet to come, or may even be out of scope of this site.